We are specialists in recruitment.

We understand how to meet the needs of customers and employers. Tell us what kind of vacancy you need to fill and we will find the best candidates for you.

Our team consists of professional recruiters with many years’ experience gained in the largest recruitment agencies. We have wide knowledge which enables us to fulfill virtually all your HR-related requirements.

Our services

Our goal is your satisfaction and filling your vacancies fast. Choose our services and fill your vacancies with the most qualified and competent candidates.

Do you get few responses? Do you need to fill demanding positions? We specialise in hiring permanent employees - permanent staffing. We apply the newest techniques when searching for candidates and we focus especially on senior and specialists positions. We approach each client individually and adjust our services to fit your current needs.

Make use of our experience and overview of the labour market.
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We provide outsourcing recruitment emphasising the facilitation of the company-specific selection. Use our experience. Either on-site or off-site, we can serve you as your external HR department. We have experience hiring in the internal HR environment and we can quickly analyse your processes in order to be able to meet your needs. We will help you reduce the costs of hiring and speed up the entire selection process.

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You have no idea how to attract the right candidates? We will help you prepare advertising campaigns. We will perform an analysis and help with the development of the description of your work positions. We can prepare a complete go-to- market strategy for starting companies. Together, we can reach the right employees.

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We provide professional care to dismissed employees. We will make their leaving from the company easier and we will help them find new opportunities on the labour market. In this way, we will enable you to reduce the negative impact of dismissal and will guarantee you positive communication with those employees leaving. We can develop tailor-made solutions.

Why this service?

  • you will strengthen your company's image in the eyes of employees
  • advisable PR
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Through the proper testing of candidates, we can rapidly improve the efficiency of your selection procedure.

A one-hour interview is sometimes simply not enough to choose the right employee, and thus it is better to test a candidate in verified ways.

We can arrange for your needs the following:

  • Language tests
  • Development of a candidate's personal profile
  • Create other special tailor-made tests adjusted to the client's needs

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We will fill your vacancies with ones

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